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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Administrator’s Advisory Council Meeting

A review meeting of the Administrator’s Advisory Council meeting was held at U.T Guest House under the chairmanship of Banwarilal Purohit, Governor of Punjab and Administrator U.T, Chandigarh. The Administrator highlighted that this Council meeting has provided us all with an opportunity to brainstorm and undertake suitable reforms for the development of the city. He has asked all the officials and members to ensure that all the agendas raised in this Council meeting shall be taken up seriously and action must be taken in a time bound manner.

He stressed that the innovation must be encouraged in providing better opportunities in every field like Education, Health, Skill development, Urban Planning etc. He was keen at improving service delivery at all the levels especially the grassroots level. The members of the nine standing committees of the Advisory Council i.e. Education, Health, Urban Infrastructure, Social Welfare, Law and Order, Sports, Transportation, Culture and Environment gave presentations about the action taken under the various subjects contributing to the development of the City Beautiful.

Some of the key recommendations made by the committee were making Chandigarh a model destination for urban sports under which facilities for skateboarding and basketball have been created at the Football Stadium, sports climbing facilities have been created at Lake Complex. The members also apprised the Council that the draft Sports policy has been prepared and circulated for feedback and suggestions.

The agenda of conversion of properties located in Industrial Area Phase I and Phase II from leasehold to freehold basis was also discussed and it was informed that the matter that has already been taken up with the Government of India. Starting a Common Police Control room for tri city was discussed wherein the members shared that the neighboring states have been approached regarding the same and modalities have been worked out. The Child Protection Officer has been nominated at every Police Station under the recommendation of creating a one stop centre comprising councilors, drug experts etc for children committing crime.

The standing committee on Transport listed actions taken under various aspects like making city roads free from human, animal propelled rickshaws, regulation of auto rickshaws, and operation of battery operated vehicles for the last mile connectivity etc. The committee on Environment also highlighted the action taken under improving the air quality, reducing the air pollution, protection of choes, tertiary treated water, waste management, disposal of caresses in Chandigarh. The Administrator welcomed the constructive discussion and suggestions made by the Council and assured that these suggestions would be seriously considered in the course of decision-making. He will be reviewing all the actions taken by the standing committees after three months.

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