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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Brahm Mohindra rapped Local & Rural Development Department for its indifference to check dengue outbreak

HM chaired the meeting of ‘State Task Force’ constituted to check dengue and other water borne diseases


he Health Minister Brahm Mohinhdra minced no words in bringing forth the reckless attitude of other stakeholder government departments for giving ‘damn care’ to the waken up calls generated by Health Department for doing their duty well in advance before the onset of mosquito breeding season, failing which the state has to witness the upsurge of Dengue every year. Among other, Local Government and Rural Development department were criticised by the Health Minister for its habit of paying deaf ear to the calls of Health Department.

The Health Minister blatantly castigated the careless approach of most of the government departments for not discharging their administrative duty for curbing the outbreak of dengue in the State. He was speaking to the officers of other stakeholder government departments while chairing the crucial ‘State Task Force Meeting’ which was convened to take stock of the preparedness of other departments in controlling the Dengue outbreak.

Brahm Mohinhdra said that every year Health Department unnecessarily earned the wrath of media and public for the outbreak of Dengue.

He divulged that neither the media nor the public is aware of this bare fact that the responsibility of the Health Department starts when a patient down with Dengue is admitted in the hospital, that too for the medical care and treatment for such patients. He said that everyone is oblivious of the fact that Local Bodies and Rural Development department are the key players in tackling the outbreak of Dengue and other water borne diseases.

He said it is the sole responsibility of Local Government to do fogging in the vulnerable urban area and Rural Development Department to do the same in rural areas. He expressed serious concerns that though he himself write Demi-Official letters every year to the stakeholder departments to act proactively in advance and do the fogging in vulnerable areas but never ever they shared action taken report with him. He specially mentioned Local Government and Rural Development Department in this regard. Health Minister said that for the prevention and control of outbreak of Dengue and other Vector Borne Diseases in the state a State Level Task Force has been constituted. The departments whose involvement is required for checking the Dengue and other water borne diseases included Department of Local Government, Rural Development and Panchayats, Water Supply & Sanitation, Transport, Animal Husbandry, Medical Education and Research, Education, Labour and Indian Medical Education.

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