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Salute to Indian Army posted at Thoise, Siachen

I arrived at Thoise Air Base Camp in IL 76 alongwith Indian Army to see the ground zero realities of the working of the Indian Armed Forces.

Base Camp which is a back bone of the Indian Army to supply the food and other relief materials for their survival. Thoise is a military airfield and small village in Shyok Valley, Jammu and Kashmir, India, occupying the only large piece of flat land in the area. The airstrip is a critical facility enabling a quick inflow of men and material from the Indian mainland to Siachen, a glacier, helipad and battleground near the Actual Ground Position Line between India and Pakistan.

Thoise is about an hour's (1 hour 20 minutes) flight from Delhi. The place is approximately 16 km away from the village of Hundur and 25 km from Disket. It is about 160 km fromLeh, the capital of Ladakh. Thoise is reached via the Khardungla pass, one of the world's highest roads used by motor vehicles.

THOISE is not a real name but an acronym:
Transit Halt Of Indian Soldiers Enroute (to Siachen).

Thoise is out of bounds for civilians. The last checkpost is at Hundur, at a bridge where photography is not permitted. Indian Oil Corporation Limited is making an oil depot to serve the Indian army. The construction project is in progress and is monitored from Chandigarh.


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