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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Javadekar trying to shift blame for BJP’s own role in Red Fort Violence on Congress, says Capt Amarinder

Asks ‘How could I stop peacefully protesting farmers from going for officially permitted tractor rally?’

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Thursday hit out at Union Minister Prakash Javadekar over his disgraceful and desperate attempt to shift blame for the shocking Red Fort violence, which had evidently been instigated by supporters and members of his own Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in collusion with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), with the Congress nowhere in the picture.

“Workers and supporters of BJP and AAP, and not the Congress, have been caught on camera waving the Nishan sahib at the Red Fort,” pointed out the Chief Minister in a strong retaliation to Javadekar’s unfounded allegations against the Congress, and his own government in Punjab. Captain Amarinder’s comments came even as Delhi Police named Deep Sidhu, a key aide of BJP MP Sunny Deol, as one of the main instigators of the violence, and Amrik Micky, an AAP member, was also spotted at the violence site.

Says ‘Did Rahul ask anyone to climb Red Fort? Fact is BJP & AAP supporters & members seen at violence site

Not a single Congress leader or member was seen at the Red Fort indulging in any kind of lawlessness, Captain Amarinder pointed out, adding that even farmers were not responsible for the 26th January trouble, which was in fact the doing of anti-social elements who had infiltrated the Tractor Rally. The Centre should also get a free and fair probe conducted into the possible role of any political party, or even a third country as is being alleged by BJP’s own leaders, to ensure that the guilty are punished and the genuine farmers are not unnecessarily maligned or harassed, he added.

The Chief Minister also lashed out at the Union Minister for accusing Rahul Gandhi of inciting the violence, asking “Did the Congress leader ask anyone to climb Red Fort? He did not. It was BJP and AAP men who did that,” he said, adding that Rahul had, in fact, promptly condemned the violence, and made it clear that violence was no solution to the crisis.

“These allegations are nothing but a cover-up attempt by the BJP leader for his own party’s role in the violence, and in fact for their utter failure to manage the situation, which they had created in the first place with the unilateral implementation of the black Farm Laws,” said Captain Amarinder, trashing Javadekar’s charges.

“How could I stop peaceful farmers from going to their own national capital to exercise their democratic right of protest,” the Chief Minister further said, reacting to the Union Minister’s statement that the Punjab government failed to stop farmers from joining the Tractor Rally. Permission for the Tractor March was officially given by the Delhi Police and there was no reason for the Punjab government to prevent farmers from joining the rally, said the Chief Minister, adding that if there was a ban on the movement of farmers to the Delhi borders, the central government, of which Javadekar is a part, should have directed their BJP chief minister in Haryana to stop them on the way.

For more than a couple of months, farmers had been peacefully agitating in Punjab without causing any trouble, before camping at the Delhi border, where also they had been completely peaceful for two months before the events of January 26, the Chief Minister pointed out, adding that pinning the blame for the violence on the Punjab government or on the Congress is clearly a diversionary tactic on the part of the BJP leadership.

Captain Amarinder further pointed out that all those months when the farmers were blocking railway tracks in Punjab, he had been reaching out repeated to the central leadership, including the Prime Minister and a host of ministers, to intervene and resolve the crisis. “But nobody heeded us, nobody listened to me or to the agitating farmers, fighting for their survival,” he added. This insensitivity of the BJP and the central government to the pain and anguish of the farmers, many of whom have lost their lives in their struggle or justice, is causing a heavy loss for the nation, said the Chief Minister, urging them to give up their ego and accept the farmers’ justified demand for repeal of the Farm Laws. If the Centre can put the laws in abeyance for two years, why can’t they simply revoke them and bring fresh legislations after due discussions with the farmers and other stakeholders, he added.

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