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Sunday, June 23, 2024
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“Anemia Mukt Bharat”

National Dietetics Day celebrated in Chandigarh

On the occasion of National Dietetics Day with the theme of “Anemia Mukt Bharat”, Dietetics Department in association with Blood Bank, GMSH-16, Chandigarh organized a Blood Donation camp. The aim to celebrate the day was to generate awareness regarding anemia in the society. India is one of the countries with high prevalence of anemia in the world. Nutritional anemia is a major public health problem in India and is primarily due to Iron deficiency. Dietetics Department stressed on the role of diet to improve the iron status. Iron rich recipe brochures and diet chart to curb anemia were distributed to patients during the camp. Donors were provided with gift hampers containing energy and protein rich dietary supplements.

To detect the donors eligibility for blood donation, haemogram and weight of all candidates were checked. It was seen that donors should be fit and healthy with a hemoglobin and weight (more than 52 kg and HB more than 12.5 gm %) So, that they could help needy patients by donating blood and it was stressed that donor having less than the normal values are deferred and asked to improve the iron status for their own health and a good cause i.e blood donation.

Manisha Arora, Sr Dietician, stated that recommended dietary allowances for men is 28 mg/day and for women is 30mg/dl, as they loose more during menstruation.

In pregnancy requirement further increases to 38 mg/day. Basic need to improve iron status is by making it bio-available in a dietary form as plant based diet permit little absorption which can be enhanced by increasing Vitamin C intake in your diet. So in simpler form Vitamin C rich foods like one lemon can be included in a daily routine.

Other Vitamin C rich foods are guava, amla and all citrus fruits etc. Iron rich foods like green leafy vegetables, dry fruits, dates, pumpkin seeds, lotus stem, lean chicken, Jaggery, meat, kidney, fish should be consumed in a routine. Combination of cereals and pulses should be done to improve quality of protein. Protein rich foods like egg, paneer, lean meat, sprouts, fish and roasted grains should be included in diet. Caffeinated and tanin rich drinks like tea, coffee and cold drinks should be avoided with meals as they hinder the absorption of iron. Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and folic acid deficiency should also be monitored to cater anemia.

Dr G Dewan, Director Health & Family Welfare cum Mission director – National Health Mission, Chandigarh appreciated the role of Dietetics Department in highlighting the importance for taking corrective steps to cure anemia by supplementing diet with Iron rich foods. He stressed that each one of us should make a habit to get the hemoglobin tested at least once a year as part of their fitness curriculum. Among others present during the event were Dr V K Nagpal, Medical Superintendent, Dr Parmjit Singh, Deputy medical Superintendent, Dr Simerjit Singh Gill, Blood Fusion Officer.

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